Cad Design and Assembly

    Using the latest software our cad designers specialise in designing injection moulded plastic parts. From household products to electronic housings, medical products to simple engineering components, we can design it. The data can be used for prototyping, 3d rendering for marketing and finally for tooling creation. More Info

    In-house FDM Rapid Prototyping

    With our in-house abs printing machine we are able to get working products on the desk fast. The Dimension SST 3d printer further enables us to get new designs on the table quickly. Once designs are laid down, usable abs parts can be printed same day or overnight, depending on the complexity of the build. Build size is 200 x 200 x 300mm and can be done in a variety of colours. This printer prints in 0.25mm layers. More Info

    Injection Moulding

    Our main strength is in our experience of thermoplastic injection moulding. As a subcontract supplier we realise our performance and ability to be able to supply, the correct parts, delivered on time, is an essential requirement to your business. We can mould, assemble, pack and distribute your parts. More Info

    Mould Tooling

    Plastic moulded parts can only be as good as the tooling that they come from. At Premier Plastic Parts we like to get involved at the design concept stage, to ensure that the product design is correct before going to tooling. Our toolmakers have many years experience in the manufacture of tooling in aluminium, P20 toughened and Hardened steels. We can produce both low volume and high volume multi cavity hot runner tooling to suit your projects requirements. More Info

    China Sourcing

    As a UK manufacturer, we prefer to supply our customers, UK manufactured items. However in some instances this is not possible, where volume and assembly are concerned, it is often much cheaper to supply via the far east. Over four years ago the Premier Group joined forces with a large injection moulding/assembly company in Hangzhou China. Working together on design and manufacture we now offer the facilities of tooling manufacture for shipping to the UK, or tooling, moulding and assembly work in China for shipment globally.


    This began with finishing work on some of the plastic parts that we produce, but now includes the design, manufacture, assembly and delivery of many products. Working with companies that require complete manufacture to finish product, PPP has evolved into a turn key manufacturing Company. Including ultrasonic welding, heat staking, printing, packing and distribution. More Info

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